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Worlds Between

Leila Frijat, Lloyd Kelly, Maya Kilic

May 2022

curated by

Joey Sim, Natalie Tso

Worlds Between blurs the boundaries of reality and imagination by inhabiting dreamscapes as a way to escape.

Leila Frijat, Lloyd Kelly and Maya Kilic escape into imagined green worlds as a way to deal with personal struggles. With a focus on botanicals and nature, these fantasy realms muddle the boundaries between ‘real’ and ‘imagined’ through playful and immersive imagery. Imagination as meditation, and meditation as imagination, these worlds

Leila revisits memories not to relive them, but to study the visual leftovers between the haziness and fog of these memories, creating paintings that become composite images of ‘real’ and ‘imagined’. Facing their personal trauma and HIV+ diagnosis in 2015, Lloyd creates meditative worlds through rich and warm botanical illustrations as a process of mending and digesting their own personal, emotional journey. Maya utilises digital tactics and screen-based softwares to exaggerate the interconnection of dreams and reality, by composing kitschy fantasy worlds for herself to escape to, from the systemic norms of photography and feminine self-imaging. Visit multifaceted worlds to escape systemic norms of photography and feminism.

Exhibition Walkthrough

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