The space

The Waiting Room Project is a liminal space located in the Sydney Sexual Health Centre, of Sydney Hospital. As a way of alleviating the anxiety of a clinical waiting room, the project aims to display contemporary art that changes the way the space is occupied.

This project is for artists, designers, writers and curators who are particularly interested in the site-specificity of this non-white-cube environment and who are responsive to the experience of being in a health centre waiting room.



Natalie Quan Yau Tso 左君悠


September 2020 - present

Natalie Tso (B Fine Arts, 1st class honours, UNSW A&D) is a Warrang-based emerging artist and curator. Her artistic practice centres bodily memories as a means to process and survive trauma. She produces and engages with intimate materiality through participatory performances, to subsequently transform the material residues into sculptures and installations. Her curatorial practice aims to expand upon the process of internal decolonisation and explore art as a space for public healing. 

Jodie "Joey" Sim 單袓𠒇/兒


September 2020 - present

Joey/Jodie Sim is a Warrang (Sydney) based multidisciplinary artist-curator engaged in documenting the diasporic experiences of familiarity and a sense of home. Her art practice often explores the complexities of cultural identity through material investigation of the mnemonic qualities of tactile sensory experiences. Joey is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) at UNSW Art & Design.



Joel Humphries

July 2019 - February 2020

Assistant curator: February 2019 - June 2019

Joel Humphries (B Art Theory, UNSW A&D) is an emerging curator and occasional artist based in Sydney. His curatorial practice seeks to find alternative contexts for art, in an attempt to expand audiences and perspectives. He has a particular interest in video and media art, writing as practice, and queer theory.


Upasana Papadopoulos

October 2018 - June 2019

Upasana Evangelia Papadopoulos (M Art Curating, Uni. Syd) is an emerging curator with a particular interest in creating and discovering art spaces that inspire dynamic dialogues and interactions between artists and audiences. She has a background in art history, curating, media studies, writing, music/performance and psychology with a particular interest in its contribution to advocacy, justice and empowerment. She has curated exhibitions and art spaces in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.