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Water in Forms

Jessie Hui

April 2021

curated by

Natalie Tso, Joey Sim

‘Water in Forms’ is a suite of works which present the fundamental quality of everyday lives: impermanence. Change implies passing of things and time itself, yet as obvious as it sounds, it can be difficult to truly understand its significance. To remind herself of this nature, Hui uses water and ink to document the physical change from ice to vapours, the auditory changes of waves and the emotional changes within Hui. As she lets the unruly medium dictate the outcome of these work, the making process becomes a practice of acceptance and non-reactivity, an exercise on letting go.

Jessie Nok Wai Hui’s practice employs experimental painting to contemplate her living experience in relation to the Buddhist concept of emptiness and the self. She is interested in narrating an alternative perspective to understand the mundane everyday for herself, and also for the viewer.

She has exhibited in numerous group shows in Sydney. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours at UNSW Art & Design. Water in Forms is her first solo exhibition at the Waiting Room Project.

Exhibition Walkthrough

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