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Second Comings

Charles Levi & Ra Bull

February 2021

curated by

Natalie Tso, Joey Sim, Alia Timmins

Second Comings is a playful, tongue-in-cheek look at what revisiting lost parts of ourselves could produce.

Charles Levi and Ra Bull explore the complexities of queer memory to reconfigure these pasts into exciting futures. Through re-visiting and re-claiming queer narratives of becoming, Second Comings is a shared state of being under construction, as we all transform and re-create ourselves.

Embracing curiosity as an antidote to shame, Ra Bull’s hand-made practice empowers them to savour the textures and appearance of the unwanted soft toys they work with. Ra salvages, deconstructs and reassembles them into new forms and buds of potential. This material reclamation is an expression of prioritising pleasure.

Charles Levi reflects on childhood memories through his adult queer lens through curious collaged narratives. Encapsulating childhood bliss with current notions of queer euphoria through storytelling meshes ideas of Charles’ current self and memory of past self. Charles’ textile works critiques queer development and formation from youth and queer narratives of pastness.

Exhibition Walkthrough

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