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Queer Platonic Love

Monisha Kumar, Jessica Thompson, Mei Lin Meyers

August 2022

curated by

Kaylee Rankin, Melanie Raveendran, Sehej Sembhi, Sarvika Mishra

“Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion.”

Bell Hooks, All About Love.

Queer Platonic Love is a group show featuring emerging artists and friends Jessica

Thompson, Monisha Kumar and Mei Lin Meyers. By focusing on collaborative

engagement, we explore the links between queer platonic relationships and art-making,

imagining an ethereal sense of home and healing. Through making, exchanging, crafting,

listening and communicating, we reject conceptions of the artist as the sole genius and

its ties to western individualism. This group show invites people to reconsider care and

vulnerability, enabled through shared making and community.

Artist Bios:

Jessica Thompson is an emerging artist practicing and living on Gadigal land.

Their current practice in examines white patriarchal, heteronormative definitions of the

gendered body, and how it is expected to act, specifically in relation to femininity as a

social construct. Their work speaks to their experience of resisting the mould in which

they feel forced to squeeze within as a queer woman and grappling with the pressure to

occupy space in a particular way.

Monisha Kumar is a queer Dharawal based artist. Their practice serves as an

exploration of self, the subjective and the world around. She uses her art to reclaim parts

of her identity and Indian heritage. They use traditional mediums to redress an obscured

history through the concepts such as Orientalism, diaspora and Feminism. Her work

extrapolates into contemporary discourse around spirituality, Hinduism, gender, privilege,

sexuality and ethnicity.

Mei Lin Meyers is an emerging queer artist based on Darug country. Through merging

textiles, ceramics and painting their practice explores biracial identity and the

mechanisms of whiteness.

Exhibition Walkthrough

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