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Feeling bodies

Anie Nheu

May 2019

curated by

Upasana Papadopoulos

A waiting room can be thought of as a transit lounge of sorts. An alternative space that disrupts our mundane lives and reassuring routines. Like all such potent environments, there are two possible outcomes – there is the potential for rupture between the acknowledged and hidden parts of ourselves or there is the possibility for the reintegration of these disparate parts.

Within this place of pause, Anie Nheu shares images that explore the boundaries between the experiences of our lives that we share with the world and those that are not easily revealed or spoken. This ‘body of work’ becomes a meditation on living within a body as a body as we encounter life in all of its mundane and profound arisings and happenings. For the artist, this process involves distilling memories, senses and aesthetic sensibilities, and reuniting the emotional and physical experiences of being human.

Exhibition Walkthrough

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