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Ebb and Flow

Celine Cheung & Sarah Sen

April 2022

curated by

Joey Sim, Natalie Tso

Ebb and Flow captures the experience of going through the motions, navigating the familiar and unknown. While reconnecting with art-making and combating everyday anxieties, Celine Cheung & Sarah Sen seek to experience ‘flow state’.

Aiming to find beauty in the mundane, Celine and Sarah take inspiration from patterns in everyday sights — the overlooked, misplaced, forgotten, empty spaces and scenes. Their drawings favour a high level of intricacy and meditative mark-making, utilising image manipulation methods like collaging, scanning and photocopy. Thinking of their art practice as an accumulation of experiences and ruminating on shared feelings of tensions regarding productivity, they revisit and reconsider past works. Creating a space to be and make, they prioritise collaborative art-making and togetherness.

Exhibition Walkthrough

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