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George Goodnow & Rainer Ciar

December 2021

curated by

Joey Sim, Natalie Tso

Dewdrops celebrates the beauty and reclamation of non-conforming bodies by tending to them without inhibition. George Goodnow and Rainer Ciar capture the small intimacies of bodily overgrowth, and the practice of care in normalising the natural anatomies and bodily functions that are considered unnatural through societal and cis-het gender constructs. Flesh and bones as the architectural space we inhabit, the ethereal works capture the lush and sublime yet solitary experiences of allowing ourselves to take autonomy of our own body.

George’s constellations of small hairs sprout from a white canvas, temporalising the intentional growth and tending of body hair. The delicate, yet sturdy sculptural paintings commemorate all different types of bodies, and that there should be no defaults. Your hair is your own, however you like it.

Cobwebs become a sign of growth and care in Rainer’s beaded curtains, inspired by abandoned buildings and their experience with isolation, illness and exhaustion. Pearlescent beads like dewdrops reflect off a spider’s web, dancing across the space as natural light and rainbows.

Exhibition Walkthrough

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