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Calling for artists to apply for our 2022 exhibition program!


We are currently looking for emerging artists to propose an idea or exhibition for the art space located in the waiting room of the Sydney Sexual Health Centre (SSHC). The Waiting Room Project is an artist-run initiative aimed at prioritising and amplifying the voices of marginalised and disadvantaged groups, doing so in a space that promotes accessibility, safety and destigmatisation. Our exhibitions aim to alleviate the feelings of anxiety that may exist within a clinical waiting room.


5 April 11:59PM


About the space

The Waiting Room Project is an artist-run space at the Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Sydney Hospital. The primary purpose of the project is to alleviate the anxieties of a clinical waiting room and support marginalised emerging artists to show at a non-white cube space. The primary visitors of the space are LGBTQIA+ folks, sex workers, members of the Chinese and Thai speaking community and First Nations people. As such, we prioritise giving voice to these artists through exhibitions and public programming events. We are the only art space with new and regular exhibitions existing within a sexual health centre in Australia. 


The space was curated by Upasana Papadopoulos and Joel Humphries in 2018-20, by Natalie Tso and Joey Sim from September 2020 till June 2022 and by Melanie Raveendran, Sehej Kaur Sehmbhi, Sarvika Mishra and Kaylee Rankin from February 2022 onwards. 


Submission Details

We encourage submitting experimental ideas that are critically considered for the non-white cube space of The Waiting Room. This is a great opportunity to experiment with unrealised and unconventional artistic ideas!


Please keep in mind that the space is first and foremost a medical and health space, and the wellbeing of SSHC patients is central. The themes proposed should be suitable for the space.


*The Waiting Room Project takes no commission on artwork sales $299 and under. For artwork sales $300 and over, the artist will choose a commission contribution of between 10-30% during their exhibition. We are a fee-free exhibition space, and there is no artist-fee involved.


Timeline: All shows scheduled between June - December 2022

Duration: Each show will be 5 weeks long

Location: Single gallery space within the waiting room of the SSHC. Floor plan is attached for your reference.


What we’re looking for:

  • A detailed but straight-forward proposal

  • Must consider the context of the space as a functioning waiting room within a health clinic. This is not a traditional white-cube space. (You are welcome to use the provided floor plan to design a mock-up)

  • Artists from marginalised communities and emerging artists are extremely encouraged to apply.

Click your preferred submission method to apply!


5 April 11:59PM

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