me and the boys

Eila Vinwynn
Curated by:
Upasana Papadopoulos

‘me & the boys’ is an exhibition of abstract paintings in various configurations of four, representing the painter and her three sons.

The contrast of vibrant splashes of colour against the geometry of the boards blends the esoteric with the pragmatic, integrating diametric aspects of parenting.

While all three boys are now adults, the experience of raising them is more than memory, it persists as part of the painter’s DNA and marks a mutating period of time, of increasingly augmented reality.

The Waiting Room, in situ at the Sydney Sexual Health Centre, also raises other dimensions of female fertility and reproductive choices (the painter’s five other pregnancies that weren’t carried to term through miscarriage and termination).

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© 2019 by The Waiting Room Project

Orange Series #3

Acrylic on masonite 300mm x 300mm $800 (series of 4)