EJ Son, Kim Strudwick & Stef Tsimbourlas
Curated by:
Joel Humphries

Forever a work in progress

wabi sabi

perfect imperfection

complete incompletion

portal into 2020

studio snap shot





Trying to get swole

Miss independence

My way or no way

The story of the three little pigs

Retreating, winner or loser



all art is just fan art

accessibility through bootlegs
breaking the circle jerk

High vs low

Bam margera <3



Too much at once 

Curatorial view
Curatorial view

Steph Tsimbourlas
Steph Tsimbourlas

Naumans mice: mapping the studio (2019) Porcelain with underglaze

Steph Tsimbourlas
Steph Tsimbourlas

ikemay elleykay ebay (2019) Heat transfer on cotton T-shirts

Curatorial view
Curatorial view