Caitlin Hespe
Curated by:
Upasana Papadopoulos

[folds arms]
[taps foot]

X: the in-between moments
M: what about them?
X: do they hold more significance than
the words?
M: the content
X: …but the content, of course, can make or -
M: -changes everything
X: yes, but the moment in between
is what forms the content
a thought is considered
a mind can be changing
M: … it’s a shifting of focus then?
X: like negative space

this exhibition considers the medium of conversation
and these moments of pause
as a subject analogous to the process of drawing and painting
a conversation of forms and space
where and how to put

Curatorial view
Curatorial view

Avoiding Eyes, 2019
Avoiding Eyes, 2019

oil on board

The Waiting Room
The Waiting Room

Curatorial view
Curatorial view